Q. I need to change the number of people in a group?

A. If the permit has not been approved, you may change the number of people in a group.

  1. Log into the permit system
  2. Look in My Permits
  3. Select the permit you would like to change
  4. Change the number of adults/minors going
  5. Select Submit

If the group is increasing in size, it is very important to get releases signed for the additional visitors. A permit cannot be approved until everyone in the group has signed a release.

Q. My permit hasn’t been approved yet. What’s the status?

A. Be sure everyone in the group has signed a release. The system does not notify Preserve Management Teams that a pending permit exists until all the releases have been signed.

Q. Can I get a permit for the same day?

A. Maybe. Some preserves are on automatic permits and will issue a permit once all releases have been signed. Planning ahead will help you not show up to a preserve that is at its daily visitor limit. It is HIGHLY recommended to request your permit and have all releases signed at least 2 days before your trip.

Q. Do you charge to visit preservers?

A. No. SYC does not charge to visit our preserves. We ask for donation when you are requesting a permit and signing a release to help us pay to continue to care for these amazing places. We believe a $10 donation is a bargain for visiting some of the finest caves in North America.

Q. I didn’t receive any email from my permit request. What happened?

A. Check your SPAM or Junk folders in your email program.

Q. My child is going on a trip with another adult. How do I sign the liability waiver?

A. Follow the link sent to you by the group leader. Enter your name and email address and check the box that you are not going on the trip but signing for your minors. Enter the minors name in the appropriate box. If you have more than one minor you are signing for, select the + sign and add the other name(s).